50 Day Bible Reading Plan

• Morning or Evening: Jesus and the psalmists are often found praying in the morning
(e.g., Psalm 5:3; Luke 4:42). The evenings less so, but choose a time when you are at your best and most attentive.
• Lunch Break: If you have time during your workday to read during your lunch or another break, this might be a perfect way to spend your time.
• Anytime: Some of you may have such busy lives that you need to fit it in whenever
you can. This is totally normal! Make sure that whatever time you decide to read
your Bible that you are in a place where you can focus and reflect on God’s

• Study Bible: We recommend the NIV Life Application or NIV Study Bible. If you want
to get even more in-depth, look at some of the commentaries in the NIV Application Commentary Series.
• Bible Reading Plan: Choose a plan and work the plan. If you miss some days, do not
try to catch up. Simply pick up where you left off.
• Journal: We recommend using a simple journal that’s easy to use. You can find these
at just about any store, especially bookstores or online.
• Pen: To take notes within your Bible or a journal.

• Pray: Ask God to speak to you through his Word. And then expect God to speak. Your
approach to God’s Word will greatly impact your times of personal worship. Ask
God to search your heart and to transform your life.
• Read: Mark up your Bible as you read. If you have an interpretive question, use the
study Bible notes to explore answers. It may be helpful to join a Women’s or
Men’s Bible study to get further direction by your peers and leaders in the church.
• Journal: (try to limit it to one page per day to start): Start a new page and record the
date and Scripture you read on the top line. Write down a verse or two that stood
out to you, word-for-word. Stay focused on what God is saying through his Word
that intersects with your everyday life. This is not about speculation, private
interpretations or manipulating God’s Word to say what you want it to say. This is
about bringing Christ to your everyday life based on the truth of God’s Word
rightly interpreted.
If you have any further questions about studying your bible or finding resources that are
right for you, please contact us at bnichols@wallerbc.org for more information.

50-Day Reading Plan….

The Story of the Christian Faith
__Day 1 Luke 1-2 The Birth of Jesus
__Day 2 John 1:1-18 The Identity of Jesus
__Day 3 Luke 4:14-44 Jesus Begins His Ministry
__Day 4 Matthew 5-6 The Core of Jesus’ Teachings
__Day 5 John 3 God’s Love for the World
__Day 6 John 5 Jesus’ Miracles and Authority
__Day 7 John 11 Jesus’ Power over Death
__Day 8 John 15 The Christian Life Defined
__Day 9 Matthew 26-27 The Arrest and Crucifixion of Jesus
__Day 10 John 20, Luke 24 The Resurrection of Jesus and his Ascension
__Day 11 Acts 2 The Coming of the Holy Spirit
__Day 12 Acts 9, 16-19 The Conversion of Saul and his Ministry
__Day 13 Acts 26 Paul’s Defense of the Christian Faith
__Day 14 Romans 3 Justification by Faith Alone
__Day 15 Romans 7-8 The Battle with Sin: Life in the Spirit
__Day 16 1 Corinthians 13, Ephesians 5 The Way of Love
__Day 17 1 Corinthians 15 The Power of the Resurrection
__Day 18 Galatians 5, Ephesians 4 Freedom and Unity in Christ
__Day 19 Ephesians 6 The Whole Armor of God
__Day 20 Philippians 1:18-2:18 Christ’s Example
__Day 21 Colossians 3:1-17 Putting on the New Self
__Day 22 Hebrews 4:14-5:10 Jesus the Great High Priest
__Day 23 James 1, 1 Peter 1 Pure Religion
__Day 24 1 John 4:7-21 God is Love
__Day 25 Revelation 21-22 The New Heaven and Earth
Old Testament Survey
__Day 26 Genesis 1:1–3:19 The Creation and Fall of Humanity
__Day 27 Genesis 12, 28:10–15; 32:22–28 God Calls A People His Own
__Day 28 Genesis 37, 39-46 The Story of Joseph
__Day 29 Exodus 1-6 The Call of Moses
__Day 30 Exodus 7-14 Moses and Pharaoh
__Day 31 Exodus 19-20:21 The 10 Commandments
__Day 32 Deuteronomy 6:1-7:26, 11:13–21 Obedience Flows From Love
__Day 33 Judges 1:1-2:19 Cycles of Disobedience in God’s People
__Day 34 1 Samuel 7-9, 1 Samuel 15-17 The Fall of Saul and Rise of David
__Day 35 2 Samuel 5, 7-9, 11-12 Tales of David’s Life
__Day 36 1 Kings 2-3, 6, 11 Solomon’s Reign
__Day 37 1 Kings 11:9-14:31 The Dividing of the Kingdom
__Day 38 1 Kings 17-19, 2 Kings 2, 4 The Prophets Elijah and Elisha
__Day 39 Job 1-2, 38-42 How the Righteous Respond to Hard Times
__Day 40 Psalm 1, 23, 139 Psalms that Enrich Your Soul
__Day 41 Psalm 6, 22, 38, 51 Psalms for the Suffering and Sinful
__Day 42 Proverbs 3, 16, 5, 7 & 31 Wisdom for Everyday Life
__Day 43 Jeremiah 11-12, 31:31-40 The Covenant Broken and New Covenant
__Day 44 Jeremiah 23:1–6; Isaiah 9:6–7, 53 Jesus the Promised King
__Day 45 Jonah 1-4 The Story of Jonah
__Day 46 Daniel 1-3 Exile in Babylon
__Day 47 Daniel 4-6 The Life of Daniel
__Day 48 Nehemiah 1-2, 4-5, 8-9 The Rebuilding of Jerusalem
__Day 49 Esther 1-8 The Story of Esther
__Day 50 Malachi 1-4 Final Words of the Old Testament