Wednesdays @ 9:30 am
10 Sessions
Study Guide $11

Sometimes changes happen so slowly that they are imperceptible until their effects are upon us. But from his unique vantage point of more than four decades of ministry, Dr. Jeremiah is uniquely qualified to evaluate changes in our world through a focused biblical lens. And with him as your guide, you will be too. For more info contact LeVelle Calbat:

Sessions: I Never Thought I’d See the Day……

  • When Atheists Would Be Angry
  • When Christians Wouldn’t Know They Were in a War
  • When Jesus Would Be So Profaned
  • When Marriage Would Be Obsolete
  • When Morality Would Be in Free Fall
  • When the Bible Would Be Marginalized
  • When the Church Would Be Irrelevant
  • When a Muslim State Could Intimidate the World
  • When America Would Turn Her Back on Israel
  • When Changing Your Mind Could save Your Life