Ladies’ Wednesday Morning Bible Study
By Dr. David Jeremiah
Wednesdays @ 9:30 am
Fellowship Hall

Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven will answer and clarify the most important questions Christians have about their future eternal home. Pastor David Jeremiah provides answers to questions about the nature of heaven, the kinds of bodies heaven’s occupants will have, why heaven will never be boring, why infants and small children will go to heaven and the dwelling place God is preparing for Christians in heaven. Answers to those questions and more – 11 critical issues in all – are revealed! For more info contact LeVelle Calbat–



September 12, 2018:    What’s Up With Heaven?
September 19, 2018:    Where Are They Now?
September 26, 2018:    Won’t Heaven Be Boring?
October 3, 2018:           The Ultimate “Extreme Makeover”
October 10, 2018:         NOT MEETING…A&M Student Ministry
October 17, 2018:         Heaven’s Oscars
October  24, 2018:        The Heavenly City
October 31, 2018:         Worship in Heaven
November 7, 2018:       The New Heaven and New Earth
November 14, 2018:     What on Earth is the Millennium?
November  21, 2018:    What About the Children?
November  28, 2018:    Tough-Minded About Heaven
December 5, 2018:        Christmas Party!