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God @ the Movies-Going Rogue


GOD AT THE MOVIES- Going Rogue Ephesian 5: 15-17 God is actively seeking you Luke 15:20 James 4:8 We too easily accept the power of sin in our lives. Luke 15:6 Romans 7:15-17 There is a plan that changes everything. Ephesian 3:6 There is a price to be paid, but God is willing to pay […]

God @ the Movies-How to Make a Difference


God @ the Movies Hacksaw Ridge ‘How to Make a Difference’ Find Your Vision, Grow It And Share It           Habakkuk 2:2 Don’t Let Others Destroy It           l Samuel 17:23-32  Be Ready To Run Into The Fire            Numbers 13: 25-32 God […]

God @ the Movies-Defeating Hopelessness


GOD AT THE MOVIES— Defeating Hopelessness (On Mars or at your House) Zephaniah 3:16-17 How to Defeat Hopelessness 1. Acknowledge your storm. Scripture: 2. Do the next right thing. Scripture: 3. Look for Jesus in the middle of the storm. Scripture: 4. Lean into a Godly relationship. Scripture:

God @ the Movies-Captain Character!


 God at the Movies 2 Captain Character • Your character drives your calling. 2 Peter 1:5,  Romans 5:3-5 God Has a Plan God Wants Us to Join In With His Plan God Has Gifted Us with What We Need To Accomplish His Plan • Strong Character Prepares Us. James 1:4 • Strong Character is Selfless. […]

God @ the Movies-Frozen in Fear


GOD @ THE MOVIES— Frozen in Fear   2 Peter 3:17 Fear begins as a seed. 2 Timothy 1:7 Fear always lies to you. Deuteronomy 31:6 2 Corinthians 12:9 James 5:16 Fear hurts others. Romans 12:5 Fear can be replaced with truth. 2 Peter 3:18

Missions Sunday

We were privileged to hear from our own Elizabeth Raines and from the Gideons International missionary to Serbia. YWAM: Youth With A Mission Elizabeth Raines, Youth With a Mission in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Youth With A Mission El Paso – Juárez (YWAM EP-J) is a Christian missionary organization, located on the US-Mexico border at El […]

Stay Positive-2

Stay Positive—2 I’m Grateful             Luke 17:11-18  Three Statements That Will Help You Choose Gratitude         1) I know every good thing I have comes from God.             James 1:17       2) I will not let what I want rob me of what I have.             Ecclesiastes 6:9             Philippians […]

Stay Positive-1


STAY POSITIVE—1 I’m not optimistic based on what I feel. I’m optimistic based on what God says.   Eight reasons I’m optimistic from Romans 8       1) My sins are forgiven and my eternity is secure. Romans 8: 1-2        2) Jesus is at the right hand of God praying for […]

The Wall-Nehemiah-Prayer

The Wall-Nehemiah—2  Prayer              Nehemiah 1:4-2:6 If you want to make a difference BIGGER than you, you will face problems BIGGER than you. With great responsibility, comes great prayers. Prayer should be a first response, not just a last resort. Prayer is a reaction to the greatness of God.

The Wall-Nehemiah-Brokenness

The Wall-Nehemiah Brokenness           We Must Be Aware Of Brokenness.           We Must Be Truly Moved By Brokenness.           We Must Understand That God, Not Us Can Repair           The Brokenness.           We Must Begin To Let God Work Through Us To  Create A Vision And A Plan. 

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