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What’s in Your Bag?


Heart & Mind? Why aren’t we overjoyed? Do I really trust God?    Do we cover our heart with a filter?        1. Someone lied to you?        2. Short on money?        3. I’ve been hurt?        4. I was rejected?        5. I […]

Healthy Things Grow-The Vision for Waller


The purpose of the church is to find more people & disciple them, teach them & baptize them. Matthew 28:18-20 Acts 2: 38-41 Acts 2: 42-47 Love God 1 Chronicles 16:23-31 Worship-Corporate/Personal  Connect People Matthew 22:36-40 Small Groups-Prayer, Studying, Engaging, Love & Hospitality Make a Difference-Serve 1 Peter 4:7-11    



When God intervenes supernaturally, it builds our faith. Greatest trick Satan ever did was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist. Revelations 12:4 Demons will:     1. Tempt you to sin     2. Distract you from God’s will     3. Inflict suffering  We have miraculous authority over darkness in the name of Jesus Christ!!

Arrested by Rest


Arrested by Rest Exodus 20:8 4th Commandment: Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy.  Refreshed=Breathe In  Reasons God said this:    1. Gives God the opportunity to provide for us supernaturally.    2. Gives us an opportunity to be rested & refreshed.  2 Chronicles 36:21   The Sabbath is supposed to be a Blessing.  

The God Questions-What Happens to You When You Die?


What Happens to You When You Die? 1. Understanding Heaven is more important than quenching fear.      Revelations 21: 1-7 A Perfect World Physical World Eating & No Calories! A Reconnection with God- the relationship that was broken in the Garden New bodies! The way you live now is completely shaped by the hope of […]

The God Questions-Creation vs Evolution


Creation vs Evolution 1. God does not need us to defend Him or manipulate the Truth. 2. Perspective is Key. 3. People with deep beliefs have a habit of ‘keeping the baby and throwing out the bathwater’.  

The God Questions-Is God Real?


God Questions Is God Real? Psalm 19 The Heavens, Sky, & Creation Proclaim God! Is God Real?….. 1. The existence of things point to eternal… sun, stars, dirt, rocks-all proclaim the existence of God.     Luke 19:40, Romans 1:20 2. Moral standards exist. 3. Jesus Christ- death, resurrection & the disciples! 4. Our testimony […]

The God Questions


The God Questions Is God real? Is the Bible true? Do all roads lead to Heaven? Why does God allow suffering? How did God create the world? What happens when I die? 1. God’s heart is ALWAYS loving.      You don’t give your children everything they ask for then God…..      God doesn’t prove His […]

Gospel Centered Togetherness


Steve Doyle Director of Missions, Creath Brazos Baptist Association Steve’s passions include expository preaching/teaching, theological studies, Church planting, discipleship, Biblical counseling, orphan care/adoption, writing, church history, international missions, travel, family time, drawing and soccer.  Steve was licensed to the gospel ministry in 1997 at New Life Fellowship Church in Rogers, AR.  He was ordained in […]

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