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Hidden Figures-You Are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made


Hidden Figures You Are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Psalm 139:14 1. People of great worth are noticed by important people.        We all have self-doubt. 2. Even though self-doubt comes in, we need to combat that. Phil 4:8-9       Truth=God’s Peace  3. People of great worth have enemies.       […]

The Power of Hope-Let it Go


The Power of Hope ‘Let It Go’ Hebrews 12:1 Throw off things that entangle you:   1. Bitterness-It poisons you and those around you.   2. Guilt-Psalm 32:1-3 Transgressions forgiven   3. Unhealthy relationships   4. Worry   5. Doubt- Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Thomas, Peter…. Lay It Down:   1. Never make a decision when […]

Christmas Fear Part II


When you think of the Christmas Season, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably not FEAR.  But as Mary began her journey to Christmas, it started with a pretty startling visit by an angelic being. Fear sometimes attacks us right where our faith lives and keeps us from stepping into the plans […]

Less Stress Part II-Scheduling Margin


Today, Pastor Blake continues with part 2 of a  4 week series (thru Sept 13th) entitled “Less Stress”. Are you stressed out? Do you know anyone who is? We’ll look at Biblical truths that God has put in His Word about how to de-stress our lives. Even better, we’ll learn how to apply these truths […]

Less Stress Part I ‘Margin’


Today, Pastor Blake began a  4 week series (Today thru Sept 13th) entitled Less Stress with the first in the series entitled ‘Margin’. Are you stressed out? Do you need more ‘margin’ in your life? Listen and see if ‘margin’ is what is missing! Pastor Blake challenged us to take a 5 minute quiet time once a […]

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