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Arrested by Rest


Arrested by Rest Exodus 20:8 4th Commandment: Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy.  Refreshed=Breathe In  Reasons God said this:    1. Gives God the opportunity to provide for us supernaturally.    2. Gives us an opportunity to be rested & refreshed.  2 Chronicles 36:21   The Sabbath is supposed to be a Blessing.  

Hidden Figures-You Are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made


Hidden Figures You Are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Psalm 139:14 1. People of great worth are noticed by important people.        We all have self-doubt. 2. Even though self-doubt comes in, we need to combat that. Phil 4:8-9       Truth=God’s Peace  3. People of great worth have enemies.       […]

Finding Dory-Finding Your Place in God’s Family


Finding Dory Finding Your Place in God’s Family 1. We are all called to connect with a church family. Acts 2 & Col 3:15 2. Be committed to our Church family. Acts 2:24, Rom 12:4-5         a. When things get hard, find another way. 3. Care for your church family.       […]

The Power of Hope-Nothing is Impossible


The Power of Hope Nothing is Impossible How to move into a “what God could do”: Recognize God in every situation. Quit driving in the rearview mirror. Free yourself to dream. Share it with others. Don’t replace your passion with discouragement. Grace becomes your ‘FUEL’.

The Power of Hope-Lift Your Expectations


The Power of Hope Lift Your Expectations Matthew 8:23-27 “The problem with churches these days isn’t the wrong faith but that faith fails to produce hope.” What is Hope?      “Attitude preceding from the confidence that God is going to come through for me.” “Fear shrinks our expectations of what God can do.” Lift Expectations: […]

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