Caring for Those in Need

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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself


God has blessed us with more than we need and that’s why we can  fairly say “We are rich”. But should we trust in riches, or should we put our trust in Who provides the blessing? This week Pastor Blake will look at what actions we should take as those who are blessed by God.  […]

Overflow Part 1-Good News, Bad News


“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” – 1 Timothy 6:18 Imagine the difference we could make as a church community if we followed Paul’s command? Early Christians did. They were known for the extraordinary generosity they displayed. Is that how people would describe […]

Daring to Care

Matthew 25: 31-40 Jesus tells us of a future time when He will judge each person and the characteristics of the person He invites into His Kingdom is one who has a heart of taking care of the least fortunate. This of course is not the litmus test of entry into heaven but it represents […]

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