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Finding Dory-Finding Your Place in God’s Family


Finding Dory Finding Your Place in God’s Family 1. We are all called to connect with a church family. Acts 2 & Col 3:15 2. Be committed to our Church family. Acts 2:24, Rom 12:4-5         a. When things get hard, find another way. 3. Care for your church family.       […]

Better-2 Better One Handful


Better—2 Better One Handful It Is Better To Have Less Of What Doesn’t Matter And More Of What Does.  Ecclesiastes 4:6 Luke 12:15 Luke 12:21 Define What Does Matters Most:   1. _____________________   2. _____________________   3. _____________________ One Handful Living 1) Let Go Of What Doesn’t Matter.   Hebrews 12:1     Cut […]

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