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Journey to Freedom


Journey to Freedom 1. Rahab did not let her past define her.        Why we fail to move forward: Lack of vision fear of the future self-doubt 2. She did not let fear of what could happen rule her decision. 3. Rahab took action on the truth that she knew.

Destinations-The Prayer of Direction


Destinations Week 2 The Prayer of Direction Proverbs 27:12 The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. It’s better to choose your direction while you have good choices. Two areas to be particularly aware of: Relationships Finances  Four Words About Making Hard Choices Action : You have […]

God @ the Movies-How to Make a Difference


God @ the Movies Hacksaw Ridge ‘How to Make a Difference’ Find Your Vision, Grow It And Share It           Habakkuk 2:2 Don’t Let Others Destroy It           l Samuel 17:23-32  Be Ready To Run Into The Fire            Numbers 13: 25-32 God […]

Simply Follow-The Choice


When you hit that spot and a decision needs to be made, What do we need to do? Embrace it for what it means. Be honest-How? Pray: “I want to want what you want” Help me in my unbelief

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