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Palm Sunday-Why Worship?


The triumphal entry into Jerusalem was all about worshipping Jesus for who He is NOT what He has done. The “PAPA” method of worship and prayer. So before you worship or pray think PAPA. The P is Present yourself to God how you really are… Happy, Sad, Angry… The A is Attend to your thinking […]

Simply Follow-The Choice


When you hit that spot and a decision needs to be made, What do we need to do? Embrace it for what it means. Be honest-How? Pray: “I want to want what you want” Help me in my unbelief

I’ll Pray About That!!


Matthew 6: 5-8 Sunday’s Part 1 in Pastor Blake’s 3 part series titled….’I’ll Pray About That!’ Could it be that there is more to prayer than we thought? Two thousand years ago, Jesus pulled his disciples aside and taught them to pray. In examining his instructions, we find a disconnect between his teaching and the way […]

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