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When God intervenes supernaturally, it builds our faith. Greatest trick Satan ever did was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist. Revelations 12:4 Demons will:     1. Tempt you to sin     2. Distract you from God’s will     3. Inflict suffering  We have miraculous authority over darkness in the name of Jesus Christ!!

Gospel Centered Togetherness


Steve Doyle Director of Missions, Creath Brazos Baptist Association Steve’s passions include expository preaching/teaching, theological studies, Church planting, discipleship, Biblical counseling, orphan care/adoption, writing, church history, international missions, travel, family time, drawing and soccer.  Steve was licensed to the gospel ministry in 1997 at New Life Fellowship Church in Rogers, AR.  He was ordained in […]

Journey to Freedom


Journey to Freedom 1. Rahab did not let her past define her.        Why we fail to move forward: Lack of vision fear of the future self-doubt 2. She did not let fear of what could happen rule her decision. 3. Rahab took action on the truth that she knew.

God @ the Movies-How to Make a Difference


God @ the Movies Hacksaw Ridge ‘How to Make a Difference’ Find Your Vision, Grow It And Share It           Habakkuk 2:2 Don’t Let Others Destroy It           l Samuel 17:23-32  Be Ready To Run Into The Fire            Numbers 13: 25-32 God […]

Missions Sunday

We were privileged to hear from our own Elizabeth Raines and from the Gideons International missionary to Serbia. YWAM: Youth With A Mission Elizabeth Raines, Youth With a Mission in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Youth With A Mission El Paso – Juárez (YWAM EP-J) is a Christian missionary organization, located on the US-Mexico border at El […]

Generosity Challenge (2)-The Blessed Test


THE BLESSINGS OF THE TITHE  1) Tithing Provides for God’s Work Through His Church.  Malachi 3:10a 2) Tithing Teaches Me To Put God First. Deuteronomy 14:23 TLB 3) Tithing Increases My Faith In God.  Malachi 3:10b                  Matthew 23:23 NLT

Simply Follow-The Choice


When you hit that spot and a decision needs to be made, What do we need to do? Embrace it for what it means. Be honest-How? Pray: “I want to want what you want” Help me in my unbelief

Simply Follow-Destination


Following-the Destination Following is more about relationship than rule Jesus will challenge His followers to trust Him What’s Not the Goal of Following? Not to Be A Better Person ? Not to Get To Go To Heaven? Not to Have a Problem Free Life ?  

Simply Follow-Next Step


What ‘Follow’ means: Sit & Listen: Search out… Loan me your boat: Willing to be inconvenienced…. Take me fishing: Move out or your comfort zone… Leave your net: Follow Me….

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