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The Parent Trap- Raising Successful Kids


The Parent Trap Raising Successful Kids Eph 6:4 1. Clear cut objectives    1 Cor 4:14 2. Practice what you preach.    Would I like my kids to act like me? 3. Build a relationship with your child/children.    John 15: 14-15 4. Repair & maintain    2 Cor 6:14     a. Unconditional love […]

God @ the Movies-How to Make a Difference


God @ the Movies Hacksaw Ridge ‘How to Make a Difference’ Find Your Vision, Grow It And Share It           Habakkuk 2:2 Don’t Let Others Destroy It           l Samuel 17:23-32  Be Ready To Run Into The Fire            Numbers 13: 25-32 God […]

Stay Positive-1


STAY POSITIVE—1 I’m not optimistic based on what I feel. I’m optimistic based on what God says.   Eight reasons I’m optimistic from Romans 8       1) My sins are forgiven and my eternity is secure. Romans 8: 1-2        2) Jesus is at the right hand of God praying for […]

Lessons Learned

A former member who grew up in the WBC family, Cody Bloyd, shared the message this morning about some great lessons!! Enjoy!

Overlooked But Not Forgotten

Overlooked But Not Forgotten 2 Kings 6:1-7 Stories passed down in families create both belonging and identity. Depending on the stories, you might not want to be identified. While this is true of the Bible as well, the New Testament also tells us that Old Testament stories are a window on ways God continues to […]


“We watch movies, read books and listen to music to take a break from our own lives and enter another world. But sometimes a quick escape is just within easy earshot. Do you ever eavesdrop? Do you ever take “mini vacations” into other people’s lives?” Article written by Michael Gonchar: “Do You Ever Eavesdrop?” Let’s […]

Reaching the Unchurched

Terry Williams has worked with new church starts alongside American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches and pastored the Common Ground Cowboy Church in Kosse, Texas, until 2014.  When he is not preaching, Terry is busy on his ranch in Bremond, Texas, where he raises Brangus cattle. Terry has a heart for reaching the lost and in the message, […]

The Fool’s Creed & The Youth Mission

The world we live in, many things are new, however many things are the same as ancient times. In the 14th Psalm, David is describing a world without God and how that world consumes the people of God. The only way to turn this around is for the people of God to turn to God […]

Our Love Should Reflect His Love

The goal of the Christian life is one of love; God loves us and He created us.  God loves us and He sent Jesus to die for us.  God loves us and demonstrated it by raising His Son from the grave.  God loves us and provides THE way to Him.  As recipients of so much […]

Love from the Heart of God

John 3:16 (KJV) As we approach Christmas our minds gravitate toward gifts that are exchanged this time of year.  But we oftentimes forget about the gift God gave; made available, which was the greatest gift He could provide.  The gift was a precious, humble, Infant that was and is approachable, was completely acceptable for the […]

For The Least Of These

Matthew 25:31-40 Jesus told us in Mark 10:45 we see that Jesus did not come to be served but to serve.  One way we as Believers can serve Him is helping those who have legitimate needs.

Season of Joy 2-God’s Love Includes the Prostitute

Hebrews 11:31 Oftentimes we do not feel as if we are truly loved of God.  We feel so unworthy for any number of reasons.  We all too often overlook the overarching aspect of His grace and unconditional love He has for us; that His Son died for.  We can take the example of Rahab as […]

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