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The Power of Hope-Nothing is Impossible


The Power of Hope Nothing is Impossible How to move into a “what God could do”: Recognize God in every situation. Quit driving in the rearview mirror. Free yourself to dream. Share it with others. Don’t replace your passion with discouragement. Grace becomes your ‘FUEL’.

Easter Service-The Same Day


The Same Day Luke 24:1-27 Consider this…. Have I underestimated the Grace of God?       1. You don’t have to be going the right way for Jesus to find you!       2. You don’t have to be at a big event to find Jesus!       3. God is active […]

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself


God has blessed us with more than we need and that’s why we can  fairly say “We are rich”. But should we trust in riches, or should we put our trust in Who provides the blessing? This week Pastor Blake will look at what actions we should take as those who are blessed by God.  […]

The God Who Accepts and Includes

Romans 3:23 tells us that we have ALL fallen short of God’s perfect standard; yet God always leaves the door open for you to enter and be used for the advancement of His Kingdom.  The lineage of Jesus proves this; those who were willing to be used by God for His purposes were.

Never Too Far Away

Luke 15:11-24 Oftentimes we as believers stray for one reason or another and the reason we strayed is never as appealing on the back side as it was on the front side.  We find ourselves in pain, struggling, and possibly in shame.  We knew better but went on that journey anyway.  When we get to […]

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