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The Power of Hope-Let it Go


The Power of Hope ‘Let It Go’ Hebrews 12:1 Throw off things that entangle you:   1. Bitterness-It poisons you and those around you.   2. Guilt-Psalm 32:1-3 Transgressions forgiven   3. Unhealthy relationships   4. Worry   5. Doubt- Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Thomas, Peter…. Lay It Down:   1. Never make a decision when […]

Stay Positive-2

Stay Positive—2 I’m Grateful             Luke 17:11-18  Three Statements That Will Help You Choose Gratitude         1) I know every good thing I have comes from God.             James 1:17       2) I will not let what I want rob me of what I have.             Ecclesiastes 6:9             Philippians […]

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