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The God Questions-What Happens to You When You Die?


What Happens to You When You Die? 1. Understanding Heaven is more important than quenching fear.      Revelations 21: 1-7 A Perfect World Physical World Eating & No Calories! A Reconnection with God- the relationship that was broken in the Garden New bodies! The way you live now is completely shaped by the hope of […]

The Power of Hope-Let it Go


The Power of Hope ‘Let It Go’ Hebrews 12:1 Throw off things that entangle you:   1. Bitterness-It poisons you and those around you.   2. Guilt-Psalm 32:1-3 Transgressions forgiven   3. Unhealthy relationships   4. Worry   5. Doubt- Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Thomas, Peter…. Lay It Down:   1. Never make a decision when […]

The Power of Hope-Lift Your Expectations


The Power of Hope Lift Your Expectations Matthew 8:23-27 “The problem with churches these days isn’t the wrong faith but that faith fails to produce hope.” What is Hope?      “Attitude preceding from the confidence that God is going to come through for me.” “Fear shrinks our expectations of what God can do.” Lift Expectations: […]

The Power of Hope-Begin by Refueling


Hope Begin by Refueling What does it mean to hope?     1. Hope is the attitude proceeding from faith. Daniel I     2. Just faith is not enough. 1st Step Refueling…..invest in how your growth is going with God. Mark 1:35 If Jesus had to get away & refuel, how much more do we […]

God @ the Movies-Defeating Hopelessness


GOD AT THE MOVIES— Defeating Hopelessness (On Mars or at your House) Zephaniah 3:16-17 How to Defeat Hopelessness 1. Acknowledge your storm. Scripture: 2. Do the next right thing. Scripture: 3. Look for Jesus in the middle of the storm. Scripture: 4. Lean into a Godly relationship. Scripture:

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