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A Divine Safety Net

Jude 24-25 There is doom and gloom all around us; everywhere we turn. It may be to the point in some of our lives we feel as if there is nowhere to turn, no one who understands or cares and certainly no one who we can rely upon. Even in the text of Jude, it […]

Opposing Worldviews

Jude 14-23 Jude reveals to us that there are 2 distinct and opposing world views prevalent in this world. One worldview is opposed to God, His Kingdom, the message of Jesus Christ, and His followers. They reveal themselves and their true nature by certain distinguishing characteristics which are not of God. The other worldview is […]

The Reality & Outcome Of Opposition To The Kingdom

 Jude 8-13 Those who actively oppose the Kingdom of God; there are certain characteristics that distinguish and “give them away.”  Jude reveals to us that they have been here, are here, will continue to be here, and are always active in this opposition.  We also see how we are to respond to those who oppose […]

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