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The Wall-Nehemiah-Prayer

The Wall-Nehemiah—2  Prayer              Nehemiah 1:4-2:6 If you want to make a difference BIGGER than you, you will face problems BIGGER than you. With great responsibility, comes great prayers. Prayer should be a first response, not just a last resort. Prayer is a reaction to the greatness of God.

The Wall-Nehemiah-Brokenness

The Wall-Nehemiah Brokenness           We Must Be Aware Of Brokenness.           We Must Be Truly Moved By Brokenness.           We Must Understand That God, Not Us Can Repair           The Brokenness.           We Must Begin To Let God Work Through Us To  Create A Vision And A Plan. 

The Power of One, the Power of Many


There is so much brokenness in the world around us; pain, guilt, sickness, and sin. Our broken world needs rebuilders now more than ever. The story of Nehemiah, the great rebuilder of Jerusalem’s wall, can give us great insight into how we as the church and as individuals can take on the challenge of being […]

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