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321 God…..Make a Difference


321 God…. Make a Difference What is simple & ordinary in my hand is sensational in God’s hand. Always be ready to go back to being a stick. When God uses your stick, He is to get the glory. We find our stick when wandering in the desert. Aaron threw down his stick and it […]

Reaching the Unchurched

Terry Williams has worked with new church starts alongside American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches and pastored the Common Ground Cowboy Church in Kosse, Texas, until 2014.  When he is not preaching, Terry is busy on his ranch in Bremond, Texas, where he raises Brangus cattle. Terry has a heart for reaching the lost and in the message, […]

Reach Czech-Paying it Forward

Romans 15:8-33 Paying It Forward Many International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries have accepted the Voluntary Retirement Incentive (VRI) and most are returning home. Why? Has the great commission been fulfilled? If not, is there a misunderstanding? While new IMB leadership adjusts working abroad with a smaller but perhaps a more focused work force, missionaries returning […]

The Fool’s Creed & The Youth Mission

The world we live in, many things are new, however many things are the same as ancient times. In the 14th Psalm, David is describing a world without God and how that world consumes the people of God. The only way to turn this around is for the people of God to turn to God […]

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