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Finding Dory-Finding Your Place in God’s Family


Finding Dory Finding Your Place in God’s Family 1. We are all called to connect with a church family. Acts 2 & Col 3:15 2. Be committed to our Church family. Acts 2:24, Rom 12:4-5         a. When things get hard, find another way. 3. Care for your church family.       […]

Reaching the Unchurched

Terry Williams has worked with new church starts alongside American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches and pastored the Common Ground Cowboy Church in Kosse, Texas, until 2014.  When he is not preaching, Terry is busy on his ranch in Bremond, Texas, where he raises Brangus cattle. Terry has a heart for reaching the lost and in the message, […]

Less Stress Part IIII-Moral Margin


James 1:13-15, I Corinthians 6:18-20 Ephesians 5:3, Romans 6:12-14 Is there a secret area of your life that you hide from others? Are you worried that one day you will be found out? There’s something in all of us that wants to walk as close to the line as possible. But…some sin has greater consequences, […]

Victory Through Surrender

Matthew 16:24-25 The Biblical characteristics of a follower of Jesus Christ are denying self (self it to get out of the way), willingness to die to self (you are willing for your personal preferences that are not God’s personal preferences to die) and with all your being, seeking after Christ and what He wants in […]

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