Sermons by Don McCaig

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New Year’s Resolutions


The start of the new year gives us a chance to restart many aspects of our lives. With just a few days left until we ring in the new year, it’s time to start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. To quite smoking or to lose weight are wonderful goals for our bodies, but what […]

A Son was Given, A Child was Born


With Christmas almost here, we are all enjoying our favorite holiday traditions. The lights are up, the Christmas music is playing, and it’s time for the familiar story of how Jesus came into the world. Mary and Joseph forced to spend the night in the manger, the wise men from the east, and the shepherds […]

Accomplishing More with Christ


John 2:1-12 Turning Water into Wine 2 Now on the third day there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, 2 and Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding.3 When the wine ran out, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no wine left.”4 Jesus replied, “Woman, why are you saying this […]

The Power of One, the Power of Many


There is so much brokenness in the world around us; pain, guilt, sickness, and sin. Our broken world needs rebuilders now more than ever. The story of Nehemiah, the great rebuilder of Jerusalem’s wall, can give us great insight into how we as the church and as individuals can take on the challenge of being […]

Unlock More with God


1 Thessalonians  5:16-18 ESV Have you ever felt like you haven’t progressed with God in awhile?  Maybe you’ve hit a spiritual plateau and you just don’t know what to do?  It’s not that there’s anything wrong with your relationship with God, you’re just ready for more, but you aren’t sure where to start?  You’re not […]

God’s Prayer for the Church


John 17:18-26 When a church finds itself without a pastor, there can be so many questions and confusing moments. “Where do we go from here?”  In John 17, Jesus shows us how a church with no pastor can not only survive, but actually thrive through its commitment to service, unity, and fellowship.  The High Priestly […]

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