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What Happens to You When You Die? Understanding Heaven is more important than quenching fear.  
Creation vs Evolution God does not need us to defend Him or manipulate the Truth. Perspective is Key. People with deep beliefs have a habit of ‘keeping the baby and…

Educators’ Sunday

September 16, 2018
The Original educator- Moses. No greater educator than JESUS! The Covenant of the educator is to make a difference!
The Heavens, Sky, & Creation Proclaim God! Is God Real?.....
The God Questions: Is God real? Is the Bible true? Do all roads lead to Heaven? Why does God allow suffering? How did God create the world? What happens when I die?
We are better together!     Better when we cooperate.     Better when we associate. Are we picking up OUR corner in order to bring people to Christ?Unity is a doctrine that cannot be dismissed!
The average person speaks 16,000 words a day! Do you speak life words into people?