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Draw close to God vs. Draw God close to you.
The right thing at the wrong time is the WRONG thing. The right thing in the wrong way is the wrong way. Don't violate the will of God to gain…

The Abigail Way

July 7, 2019
God doesn't use perfect people or there would be no use for Him. God doesn't see the imperfections....He only sees the possibilities. See others the way God sees them. 1…
David & the 3 Giants Mental Giants & Emotional Giants F  Fear A  Anger I   Isolation L   Loneliness What is your F.A.I.L. causing you to consider doing? Who does the…
What is God telling you to do? What excuses are you using to ignore what God is telling you?

Faith of a Father

June 16, 2019
John 4:43 John 20 'Foxhole Faith' usually doesn't last. Faith is only as good or effective as the object or person that you put your faith in. Faith needs to…
We place our hope in what we depend on. Who we place our hope in is who we will depend on. The measure of that hope is also the measure…


June 2, 2019

Where is Your Well?

May 26, 2019
In your mind, where does it happen when God speaks to you? Where do you expect to see God? Am I missing God only looking in normal places? John 4:4…

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