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What About God?

August 9, 2020

Shake the Place

August 2, 2020
Place Shaking Prayers Acts 4:23-31 1. Place Shaking Prayers happen when get together with your people. 2. Prayer is to be our first go-to (First Thought Prayers). 3.  Need to…
"I do not minister to be validated, I minister to validate God." God-pleasing can only happen when we add God to the daily mix. COG= consider the opinion of God.…

Growing Pains

July 19, 2020
Growing our Faith & Courage: Difficult circumstances are when our faith & courage is developed. Faith & courage often wither when we take our eyes off of God. Faith &…

Unity-Jonie Scruggs

July 5, 2020
Unity is not uniformity. True unity unleashes diversity, not conformity.

Helping Hands

June 28, 2020

3 elements of Devotions: Bible Study Prayer Fellowship Symptoms of being a Christian: A.U.G. Filled with awe and wonder Unity of the church Generosity Devotion to God brings awe for…

Back to Basics

June 14, 2020

Let It Shine

June 7, 2020

The R & B Response

May 31, 2020