Recent Sermons

What Next After Christmas?

December 27, 2020

You Are Favored By God?

December 20, 2020

The Last Enemy

December 13, 2020

A Pharisee, A Leper, and A Savior Walk Into A Bar… Pastor Joel Bauler Mark 3:1-12   The Pharisees were content to just react to Jesus and His ministry until…

Pray, Sleep, Knock, Repeat

November 29, 2020

Do Something

November 22, 2020
'Do Something'  Acts 11 The Church at Jerusalem had their eyes opened by Peter when he shared how God had done a work among the Gentiles in Caesarea. It was…


November 15, 2020
Uncommon Acts 10:1-48 Three lessons from this passage of Scripture: 1. Opportunity follows obedience. Peter obeyed God and shared the Gospel with Gentiles. We, too, should be obedient to God.…

Rising Up

November 8, 2020
Rising Up! Acts 9:32-42 Four principles from this passage that will help us rise up. Get moving! We should not sit and wait but keep moving. God does not drive…


November 1, 2020
Transformed! Acts 9:20-31  Saul (Paul) was chosen. Paul was chosen but faced opposition from both Jews and Christians. His reaction to opposition was boldness….a boldness because of his value of…