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What Would You Do?

August 16, 2020
Suffering & Persecution When things are going bad....let's share Jesus! Suffering is a byproduct of fully following Christ and should be anticipated. The presence of suffering doesn't mean it lacks…

What About God?

August 9, 2020

Shake the Place

August 2, 2020
Place Shaking Prayers Acts 4:23-31 1. Place Shaking Prayers happen when get together with your people. 2. Prayer is to be our first go-to (First Thought Prayers). 3.  Need to…
"I do not minister to be validated, I minister to validate God." God-pleasing can only happen when we add God to the daily mix. COG= consider the opinion of God.…

Growing Pains

July 19, 2020
Growing our Faith & Courage: Difficult circumstances are when our faith & courage is developed. Faith & courage often wither when we take our eyes off of God. Faith &…

Unity-Jonie Scruggs

July 5, 2020
Unity is not uniformity. True unity unleashes diversity, not conformity.

Helping Hands

June 28, 2020

3 elements of Devotions: Bible Study Prayer Fellowship Symptoms of being a Christian: A.U.G. Filled with awe and wonder Unity of the church Generosity Devotion to God brings awe for…

Back to Basics

June 14, 2020

Let It Shine

June 7, 2020